Parent Education Part 2

I'll be giving a slideshow presentation tomorrow to the parents of my U11 and U12 teams. It's the first time I've ever done something like that. I'll be focusing on two aspects of 'education':

  1. Sharing the details specific to my coaching style
  2. General, broadly applicable soccer education

The first aspect serves as part marketing campaign, and part insight. It's marketing in the sense that I want them to buy into my specific vision of coaching. This encompasses style of play, how training is run, the way in which to evaluate games, and more. I want them on my side. I also want to give them insight into the specifics of that vision. So the background on why I coach a certain way, how it plays out on the field... A behind the scenes look.

The second aspect is something I tried to build in because I want to leave this group with something tangible they can use on their own. A way of framing proper coaching, for example, and some trustworthy resources to educate them. Not just journalists or articles, but teams to watch, coaches to follow, and practices to use when watching games. The parents are the ones REALLY in charge of their kid's development, and even after I'm gone, I can help ensure this group takes a critical look at their soccer environment, and makes the best choices.

Trying to Hack Parent Education

Parent education is something I've never really made an effort to do. Because I'm lazy, because I don't know that it would have any meaningful effect... and quite honestly, I don't even know where to start.

I'm going to try 2 things for my upcoming spring season.

  1. I'm putting together a slideshow presentation to present at a player and parent meeting. I'm trying to keep it bare bones, which is tough for me, because minimalism is not a strength of mine. I want to focus on 'evergreen' topics, so it will require only minimal maintenance from year to year, or even from team to team. It will touch on the style of play I want to implement, and outline the roles of the players and the parents
  2. I'm compiling some online resources to share with the parents following the presentation to, in effect, do the rest of the job for me. This allows me to do less of the work, let smarter people than myself explain some of the most complex topics, and like the slideshow, maintain broadly the same message over time, but with the flexibility to add and remove content.

For point 2, this is what my resources look like so far:

3four3 Blog Posts: covers a variety of themes and topics

3four3 Coaching Primer: introduction to the style of coaching I use

Links to websites featuring replays of recent games

Tactics Column from the Guardian: decent analysis of English Premier League games

Soccer fitness coach explains soccer-specific fitness

Anything you would omit or include in this list?

*If you aren't familiar with 3four3, click here to find out more