Very early on in my coaching career, I was lucky to have some very talented mentors in Brian and Gary Kleiban. Rather than run through the laundry list of their credentials, I'll share with you the YouTube video that first got me roped into the world of 3four3.

Most of my exercises have been directly taken and adapted from their Premium coaching membership. These are the same ones Brian runs with his teams (at time of writing, the LA Galaxy Academy), which he has learned and refined over the years from sources like FC Barcelona, and coaches like Marcelo Bielsa.

These guys aren't running a bullshit 'session salesman' routine. Every exercise is filmed, and Brian is mic'd up so you can hear the way he speaks with players, the details he zooms in on, and what he ignores. Rondos, attacking patterns, building out of the back... maybe it's things you already do with your teams. Or at least you *think* you do. Brian is a supreme practitioner, and the level of execution he coaxes from his players is top notch.

Myself with Brian and Gary Kleiban, founders of 3four3, and John Pranjic, host of the 3four3 podcast.

Myself with Brian and Gary Kleiban, founders of 3four3, and John Pranjic, host of the 3four3 podcast.

If you're still skeptical, here are three more resources for you:

3four3's YouTube channel: I recommend starting here, as this is what first got me interested in what Brian and Gary had to say. Legit teams destroying domestic competition, and going toe-to-toe with top European academies, all while playing a possession and pressure based style.

Free coaching primer: 3four3 offers a condensed review of their methodology composed of 7 lessons. Before purchasing the premium membership, definitely take their free course.

3four3's Podcast: The podcast is usually an interview with someone in the soccer community. Guests include Bob Bradley, Eric Wynalda, and the infamous Ted Westervelt. Below are the episodes featuring Brian and Gary, ranked in order from most to least insightful into the inner workings of 3four3

  1. The One Thing a Legit Coach Must Have Before Anything Else

  2. How Coach Brian Kleiban Creates A Winning Culture

  3. What Five Years Of Jurgen Taught Us About American Soccer.

  4. Yes, “White Boys” Can Play Soccer; Maybe, Sometimes, Hmmm…

If you think you're ready for the premium membership, I'd appreciate it if you used my affiliate link HERE

*FULL DISCLOSURE* I receive a 25% commission on any 3four3 membership purchased via my affiliate link. That being said, I stand behind these guys and their material 1,000%. I've followed them and intently since that first video in 2012, and plan on continuing for the rest of Brian's career. If you prefer not to use my affiliate link, but still want to check out the course, click HERE

Check out everything they offer for free, and feel free to contact me with any questions.