Los Gatos United

I am excited to announce my arrival at Los Gatos United as part of their boys coaching staff. I am grateful for my time at the San Jose Earthquakes, and especially to Paul Holocher for bringing me in as a young coach with no experience outside of his local area. I also want to thank the coaching staff at the Quakes. Mark Christie and Dan De Geer both took me under their wing and I am a better coach today because of them. Enrique Tovar and Ary Asfari were two more colleagues I learned a lot from, and helped educate me on the Bay Area soccer scene when I was basically green and clueless.

At Los Gatos, the strong leadership of Shaun Tsakiris and Shawn Blakeman has the club blazing a trail in a direction I have never seen before from a youth club. The atmosphere is professional, the coaching staff is eager, motivated, and putting in extra work when no one is looking, and the expectations and demands on the players are high. I know the staff, families and players will benefit massively from being a part of this club.

You can hear my podcast with John Pranjic of 3four3 about my experiences with the Quakes and LGU here

You can also hear LGU director Shaun Tsakiris’ podcast with Shaun here

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