First Steps

Despite the fact that tryouts for my teams won't be for another month, that doesn't mean there's nothing for me to do at this stage. Right now, I'm reviewing training plans and notes from my first couple months with my teams from this spring and last fall. I want to review what my introductory exercises were, and think about how I need to adapt them. The group of players I'll be working with will be a higher level than the teams I've had, so dimensions for example will need to be tweaked.

Because of the difference in level, some aspects can perhaps be glossed over more quickly, or skipped completely. Others will require more attention, and more depth, as I am ostensibly the first step in the pipeline to the first team. I imagine that slightly less time will need to be devoted to technical training, and more time can be spent focusing on the tactical.

That being said, I'm treating this as more of an introspective process. Until I encounter the players I'll be working with, there is no point in imagining what they are and are not capable of. It's more relevant for me to focus on my own methodology, which can be applied across multiple teams. I think this will be a more robust method to improving my coaching in the long run.