Hacking Restarts

Once I've had a chance to work on a given restart, I want to give my players a chance to experience them in a game like scenario. Typically, after rehearsing them with no pressure, I'll add in calibrated pressure. Meaning, I want the target group to have success. Usually, that means the pressure is slightly less than game-realistic, or that players can't start pressuring until a certain moment.

When I feel like the execution is to an adequate level, I'll be sure to give them reps in a more game realistic scenario. One hack I use frequently is if I conduct a scrimmage/game at the end of training, I'll engineer plenty of chances for the target group (starters/backline/attackers) to work on the given restart. Today at training, every time the ball crossed the goal line, I called for a goal kick. No matter who hit the ball out. I'll also do this with corner kicks, throw-ins, and even set piece routines.