Performance and Results

If given the choice between a good performance and a good result, I think most youth coaches would prefer to see a good performance. Still, I think there are aspects that one could look for when the result is good, but the performance is poor

  • adaptation to the circumstances. If a certain play or player that is usually reliable gets shut down, can the team (and the coach) adapt effectively?
  • ability to close the game out to protect a result
  • mental resilience. when the game plan isn't proving effective, the players shouldn't resort to brainless kick ball, taking excessive risks, etc.
  • team first mentality, with everyone actively pulling in the same direction
  • laser-focus (from team and coach), and looking for an X factor to impact the game. Could be a pre-planned set piece, a quick restart, taking advantage of a sleeping defender, relentlessly battering a sub-par opponent...
  • assassin's mentality in front of goal if/when a chance arrives