Sharing My Process

In the age of social media where I've been able to see teams and coaches from all over the United States and the world, I've been able to see teams of all levels and styles in both training and games. I've seen Diego Simeone run position-specific training for his outside backs, watched Development Academy teams slog through a passing pattern,  and U10 club teams boss possession and score beautiful team goals. Regardless of the team or level of play, I think each poster of these videos had a similar thought in mind when uploading these videos: this is something I've worked to create that I want to show off to other people, look what I've done!

Working with a U9/U10 boys club team, I have a different idea for the content I want to share: look what I'm doing. Being able to coach a group of players in their first experiences with serious soccer at a relatively young age is, I think, a great opportunity for me to document both my process as a coach, and the process of developing a team. The content I will be sharing isn't polished, isn't a final product, and will never be an attempt to fish for compliments or pats on the back. It will be a sincere attempt to document the progress of my team over the coming months, maybe years. The same exercises will be posted more than once, and hopefully you will be able to recognize the players' and the team's growth over time.

Below is a clip taken from training on August 4th, 2015. It's of a 4v1 rondo that I do at the start of almost every training session. The players are still working on mastering the basics, but over time the nuances of such a core exercise should begin to reveal itself when taught and executed properly.